DJ Brian Halligan

Brian Halligan is a veteran of Boston nightlife as a DJ, light man and bartender, learning at the feet of some of Boston’s best first generation DJs.

From 2010 to the present, he has deejayed locally at countless venues and parties at Legacy, Sonia, The Middle East, Machine, Oberon, Shore Leave, The Alley, Club Cafe, Jacque’s Underground, Midway Cafe, Cantab Underground, Phoenix Landing, Dorchester Brewing Company, dBar and Middlesex Lounge, both solo and as a guest DJ at ongoing events including FUZZ, Heroes, Boudoir, Fascination, Serving Face, Houseboi, Grassfed Disco, Boyfriends, Superstition, Group Hug, Traniwreck and Solid Gold Tea and New Wave Tea at Provincetown’s Boatslip, and held a residency at Cirque/Pub 47 Central for 2 years.

In 2017 & 2018 he  completed a 2 summer residency of the weekly party, Wayback Wednesdays, at the historic A-House in Provincetown. He was a frequent guest DJ for Back2Basics Tea Dance at Club Cafe for 2 years, assuming the full time residency in October of 2015, before embarking on his own tea dance venture, SIP, in October 2017 at Jacque’s Cabaret Underground and Cantab Underground until May 2023.

 Additionally, he continues to work for many private & corporate events. From 2016 to the present, he has guested for Chris Ewen’s own popular party “Heroes” at Manray, the offspring of his legendary ManRay nights, and has the distinct honor of being a resident DJ at the newly reopened ManRay, filling in for Mr. Ewen at Heroes, and playing both Campus Thursdays and the very popular 54 Disco nights.

In 2018 he released a 2 track EP, produced with local DJ and remixer Curtis Atchison (Midnight Society) as well as additional remixes and originals with Midnight Society.